“The most important investment you can make is in yourself. That is an investment that pays off a thousand times over.”


I am an expert at developing your innate competencies. The objective is to systematically support your leadership character. Once your values, motivation and objectives have become transparent and defined, it is then possible to develop spheres of activity and concrete alternatives. At the same time, your decision-making skills are enhanced. You benefit from me as a coach

  • during the first 100 days of on-boarding
  • in challenging situations
  • with influential stakeholders
  • when planning the next career move
  • in the areas of out-carving and out-sourcing
  • in the case of pre- or post-merger integration issues

As an experienced initiator and advisor I can provide impulses for new behavioural and leadership strategies. Managers at the highest decision-making levels, entire groups of decision-making staff as well as specialists from both domestic and international large-scale enterprises benefit from my 20 years of experience as a senior coach and consultant. My clients also include medium-sized German companies, start-ups and online companies.