For over 35 years I have been at home in the IT industry and active as a management consultant, as managing principal at IBM Consulting, at Anderson Consulting, as Accenture Partner, at Oracle’s exclusive C-Level consulting, Siemens Information Services and AtoS Consulting.

I draw on many years of experience gained through my responsibilities in personnel and management and am familiar with all the tricks of the trade when it comes to the topic of IT. I am not easily fooled and quickly immerse myself in my clients’ topics. For instance, an extensive and long-term transition mission arose from the following quick question posed by an automobile corporation: “What’s up with our IT projects?” As a result of that question, I spent 36 months intensively analysing and addressing that issue.

In those social and business situations where natural interaction in English and German is absolutely necessary and where strong cross-cultural and social skills play an important role, I’m your man.

As a close consultant I support my clients in the development of strategies, organisation and management issues in the context of company and family strategies, succession plans, shareholder conflicts and topics related to acquisition and post-merger integration (M&A).

The specified goal is to always provide trustworthy and individual guidance to clients when they are dealing with structural transition, changes in responsibilities and all challenges associated with achieving successful collaboration amongst a company’s decision-makers.

Moderation, Management, Team and Personal Coaching
Transition, Change, Crisis and Interim Management
Out-Sourcing, Out-Carving and Post-Merger Integration

Industries in which I feel very much at home
IT – Information Technology
Telecommunications & Media
Digital and Social Media
Industrial Goods Manufacturing (Automobile)
Real Estate
Financial Services, Banking, Insurances
Retail, particularly FMCG